tourist town

Walking the streets of a city you used to live in, as a tourist many years later is an odd thing. The area that used to be a bit run down and only slightly sleazy has new owners. In fact both the upper and lower environs of Queen Street have new owners but tucked away around Lorne/High there is a little part of Aotearoa/Italy with the chichi shops – Scarpa, Mi Piaci and the notable designers – World, Workshop, Kate Sylvester et al.

It’s a look that works for me – cheap food and expensive clothes.

The question du jour (after lunch) was “what sort of jeans suit a nearly 60 year old who’s not skinny” and “how many black dresses does a girl need?”

The answer to the first question is still not obvious (ones that suit and are comfortable?) and the answer to the second is “enough already”. Had that chichi little number in Veronika Maine been blue or green or even purple I would have succumbed.

It’s hard to decide, in a city you are less familiar with, which shops to choose. I’m pretty clear now that ones with peach/pink/apricot decor are not for me, nor are the ones where the shop person eyes you head to toe and where that very nice cardigan that caught your eye has a price tag of $1045.00.

I did enter a shop (corner upper Vulcan Lane and High) where the lovely people helped me decide that those seductively cheap Workshop jeans were not for me, alas. All three people were great and I’d return any day. Gawping at shoes in Mi Piace was fun but I could not convince myself that even for tango, those heels would work. Visit World Beauty for a sensual wander and do NOT ask yourself why Guerlain perfumes ($109ish duty free, $140ish in Farmers) are $239.00 but do sigh over the art nouveau allusions and the range of perfumes, books, bottles, powders and pretty little things.

Shopping. Wandering.

Oh what did I buy? Tango CD and Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads (really only for that Kyllie/Nick duet “Death is not the end” the rest is pretty dire) from Real Groovy and soap and shampoo from Lush. Modest luxury.

Here ends the shopping broadcast..


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