oh, crap

For some of my dearest readers this post may be inevitable.

About 2 weeks ago, while playing an intense but slightly complex marble game with the two great nieces, I received a frantic call from a friend who uses a flat in my house. The bottom floor was flooded with sewage. While I did go home reasonably quickly I was relieved (pun in case you didn’t get it) to find that the mess had been pretty much cleared up by the time I got there. It was up to me to deal with the cleaners (wonderful people at Jae’s) the carpet layers and the busy people at State who ended up dealing with the latest in a series of earthquakes in Christchurch rather than my flat.

However, it has been raining pretty much for the last 2 weeks, and the combination of cars and trucks up my drive meant that last night my car slid back instead of UP the drive. The very nice man from Porirua Towing with his big truck and eftpos machine helped me out. It was a situation not unlike the one reported here but more vertical in nature. No pix, I was too busy pouring the whisky.

Also the tv has broken again (it did this last time I went away) and believe me there’s a whole heap of other stuff going on too, just in case you think I over-share.

Must be time for that new beginning! Meanwhile friend in Auckland deals with even more rain.


3 thoughts on “oh, crap

  1. Oh dear. Trying to imagine where exactly the car ended up, hope it’s OK.

    Do let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, like maybe waterblast the driveway for better grip (I have a waterblaster).


  2. aha could be useful. Pray for an end to the rain. Car is ok I was shaken. Tango festival this weekend. We’ll survive. Thanks


  3. oh car was down the bank at corner of steepest part of drive over neighbour’s driveway. Thank god to nice man at Porirua Towing!!!!! and his eftpos machine that seemed to work on wifi!


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