yeah, right

This little storyabout Chinese hackers reminded me that for the last few weeks my 6 pm call/s have been those charming ones where someone with a strong accent (yes ok Asian) informs me that he/she knows that my computer is producing error messages and that if only I would go to the computer and hit certain keys I’d be able to see what error messages I am producing. I guess he/she then wants me to tell him/her my loggin password etc.and my bank account details?

I got suspicious (now after the first “hello”) but about the time they identified my operating system.

I have to say, however that they are bloody persistent. Slamming the phone down doesn’t seem to work. I wonder if they are the same caller/s who call at 11.30pm then hang up?


3 thoughts on “yeah, right

  1. Well I have only had one call and that was in December when a charming man informed me that my computer was at risk and that he was from Microsoft. Like do they ever phone??
    So I mentioned, ok bragged, that I had two sons who worked in IT and that what he was saying did not make sense. For some reason he hung up and I have not heard from anyone again.

    Fine for me to get stroppy but if they get hold of someone who is not too confident and has no one to check with, then they can rip them off and all in the guise of’ helping’. These are not nice people but opportunistic exploiters of naive people.


  2. I get the man/woman saying they’re from a Microsoft Service Department, and I on several occasions say, wait, I work for Microsoft let me call them and check what you’re saying … they say no we’re not Microsft we’re a service department. My wife when she gets ’em screams we don’t even have a computer. Next day someone else calls us with the same scam. We’ve had tens of calls. Nowadays I laugh and hang up. As I’m “A” in the phone book I get a lot of cold calls.


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