oh, sharon

Before we went to Buenos Aires we were given 2 pieces of advice (well several really but 2 that seemed to count).
one: never go to a cafe on a corner
two: cleavage helps get dances

There was third but I’ll get to that later.
Cafes on corners? Every cafe is on a corner. Well no, we did go to Cafe Tortoni which is NOT on a corner. But it’s famous and pretty touristy. Nice though.
Cleavage? Turning up to the local dances in full cleavage would have been very embarrassing, so I’m pleased I used caution and tested the waters.

And the third? Ah yes. The third.

The day before we left the news about Sharon Armstrong broke. So the hilariously funny advice of course was along the lines of not carrying anyone’s suitcases. It caused me to stand in the local dairy and declaim “Do I really look that stupid?”

So was Sharon? I feel for her on the issue of hope and the internet. We all hope that who we are talking to is real, and we hope (it’s hope after all that keeps us going) that ‘something good and exciting’ will happen. But hope must have been on overdrive when she contemplated a suitcase (not hers) that she knew had a false bottom while she sat in her hotel in BA. And hope ditched her at the airport.

Hope. Love. Trust. Powerful motivators.


One thought on “oh, sharon

  1. As in most aspects of life, it’s a balancing act: hope versus scepticism, especially in the looking-for-love department. Studies have shown (as they so often do) that depressed people have more accurate perceptions of reality than do the “healthy”. Apparently, we need a working level of false optimism to get us through the day. Depressing, isn’t it.
    And hey, Cheryl, thanks for all the traffic to my blog.


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