Some people celebrate the significant birthdays with dinners and old friends. Katrina did that (and coincidentally got me to a hitherto unvisited restaurant Logan Brown, one of Wellington’s finest, where Chloe looked after us superbly).

Then, because of another significance we toddled along to the Carter Observatory where, not only did I see Saturn (wow) and the moon (double wow) but also this:

Celebration of the first man in space and flying about in little capsules. Amazing film (well amazing to see in the domed ceiling of the observatory) and wonderful graphics! All Dutch animators it seemed to me. Possibly a slight leaning towards trying to get the space travel thing going again……But still pretty groovy shots of earth, stars and the moon surface. Perhaps we’ll do that space travel thing for Tree’s 60th?

Happy birthday Tree and happy birthday space travel (impressive but wasteful). Never mind I’m going with impressive right now!


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