endings, beginnings and dilemmas

Recent events have inspired me to purchase Jerry can, to carry warm clothes and water in my car and to stock up on sardines. I’ve yet to buy the survival blanket and the wind up torch but I’m getting there. Of course I know that, like most humans, I’ll let it all lapse so that when the big one strikes (I live on a fault line) I’ll be shocked and unprepared. I only hope that when it does I am at home, where I reckon the deck and the carport will go but the house will be ok. Perhaps I’d better get climbing ropes too.

I was curious about the use of social networking in all this. After the Christchurch earthquake the niece who was staying with me was texting her mates a lot. It seemed as if they hyped themselves up a tad. After the Japan earthquake and tsunami I was able to hop onto facebook and within an hour or so, identify that friends and family or friends were all ok. I even began talking to someone I had lost contact with in Japan. I was surprised to realise how many New Zealanders know people in Japan.

So, for Christchurch it’s the end of that heritage link but a chance to build anew. Interesting discussions about how it will all go, look and be.

For me. personally, (what else there is for me?) March often brings new beginnings (it’s my birth month). Something that had been going on far too long (13 years) ended. Phew. All I can say about March this year is that it was full on. The opera on my birthday, however, was lovely (Xerxes) with my favourite (for now) aria Ombra ma fou. The personal trainer left for Perth and the niece left the house (giving me a moment or two of empty nest syndrome).

And now I’m packing for Argentina, to which country I go at Easter. What to take? What to wear? if I take a bigger case will that help? Will I be able to buy the boots and shoes of my dreams? Will I be able to dance every night and keep the hip stable? Will anyone notice that my right foot is clunky? My hairdresser (bless her) thinks I’ll meet some handsome gaucho and stay there. I’m more worried about being able to execute the perfect gancho.


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