Cripple is creaking

About 3 years ago I had a double hip replacement, during which the sciatic nerve in my right leg was damaged, resulting in a condition known as drop foot.

For a long time this was my comfort:

My former support
but after a memorable trip to Europe I threw away the crutches and the brace and learned to tango. This has not been without traumas (foot, balance, dancing) but has also been a fantastic way to meet wonderful people and next month I’m off to Argentina.

The drama is that the pain the the left hip has returned and I can hardly walk without pain. This has been getting worse over the last year but now has reached a severe phase. Waddling sideways out of the milonga hanging onto every ledge is an inelegant way to leave and sitting outside smoking and drinking wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

I can deal with the shonky foot but the crappy hip makes me frustrated.

I guess, however that listening to people talk about Christchurch and their hip injuries from being thrown across the room and now the people in Japan does create a kind of perspective. Well I’ll survive, but I do feel short changed about all this.



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