wandering welly

It was one of those situations when each of thought the other had bought the tickets, and the creeping old age and memory (or perhaps I was just busy at work) made me completely forget what I had said I’d do and the email on Monday saying I was not able to get tickets didn’t get through. So after an excellent coffee at Caffe Italiano we went to find Manky Chops Gallery. Which we did.

To be honest I was more intrigued by the name than anything else. And to be even more honest we found the door only. But I did talk to the lovely woman in the second hand shop next door who explained where to find Mighty Mighty. You can tell that these names are intriguing to me, but there are also associations with two of the nieces (one talked about one and the other sometimes plays at the other).

We wanted to find Mighty Mighty because we were off to the Dr Sketchy session there. Dr Sketchy? You go along with your sketch pads and pencils and several burlesque queens (no, real women, not ‘queens’) pose for various lengths of time and people sketch them. It’s like a life drawing class but more fun. Music plays and women pose and people laugh.

By the time we got there (at last) it was sold out, so we perched on the bar stool and watched the clientele and, through the curtain, the life drawing class. We ended up in conversation with the bar owner who is a feisty, friendly woman. That night an opera experience called ‘operaorgasmic’ was due to play. The place was full of an interesting and friendly crowd.

After a while we wandered up the street to the Buenos Aires Tango bar, had a glass of red and listened to the young tango/Spanish players. We seemed to be the only non-Spanish speakers there as the place was full of people singing along to their favourite songs.

And then I went home for a nana nap and off to the milonga. And that’s another story.

It was fun wandering Welly.

And I completely forgot about my great nephew’s 21st. Bugger.


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