one thing a day

I’m trying the task of learning or doing one new thing a day. It’s only been going since Saturday so I’m a bit slow and there are no pics yet. Saturday? New restaurant in Blenheim called the Secret Garden. Yep quite nice. New coffee shop in Newtown called the People’s Coffee which I liked a lot, and the coffee even more.

Sunday: new restaurant in Blenheim called Raupo – very nice. Gorgeous view of river. Wine I have never tried before – Viognier. Yep liked it. Mocha coffee. It’s true I’ve never had one before. Monday: lovely gorgeous restaurant in Wellington called Osteria del Toro . Cocktails to die for, a menu that’d take you a good 6 months to munch through (fabulous, exciting and tantalising meals) and some new women I’d not met before whom I liked a lot. The paella was sumptuous with a red wine all for $25.00 special.

Tuesday – creating a form in Google docs. Very cool tool.

Now for some more work. And yes, I’ll spare the few readers of this the details of every new thing every day!


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