that was an interesting year

So it’s that time of year when I try to remember where I put the Christmas lights andreflect on the year. All in all it’s been a very good year, with the most significant physical things being:

    the development of crepey arms ( thinking of renaming the blog “agecreep”).
    sore left hip, due we think, to the cement on the prosthesis not being secure enough and causing friction with movement
    wearing high heels
    not giving up smoking.
    a new personal trainer

Emotional developments have been:

    the move from Shakespeare to Dickens (see entries on internet and related dating stuff).
    several fine new friends (mission accomplished)
    realising the value of old and trusted friends
    realising that I adore being by myself
    the joy of having favorite nieces and nephews

Work stuff:

    new job
    keeping the brain alive learning new stuff

Other stuff:

    writing a good story
    doing some digital stories
    working again with Stephen (Storyboards)
    local community stuff and oh
    tango! and along with that new friends
    half my friends turning 50 and the other half turning 60
    several new frocks
    some great new music and a couple of good concerts and opera

Next year? Argentina

    driving with right foot again
    finishing research
    confirming new friends and exploring all that entails
    a nephew shifting to Welly and his mother also
    a niece going overseas
    saving for Verona in 2012

…….and some other stuff too I guess.

Good to make new friends and explore new things.

Oh and yes. Merry Christmas.


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