You really can’t

beat Welly on a good day.

It’s been a stunning week. No wind, sunshine. Fabulous. Just the sort of weather to start painting the deck. The quintessential Kiwi summer task. There is nothing more pleasant than painting away on the deck although struggling under the deck and onto ladders is a different matter.

And yep. I do have a big deck, thanks Ed. And everyone else who finds this amusing. I’ve heard a few tales about Aussies and Kiwis and our mispronunciation of decks and other related topics.

Oh! latest internet confrontation? Dickensian.

I have taken self off 2 dating sites now and working up to deleting them all.

But as I keep saying I’ve made a few good friends.

Back to that deck.


3 thoughts on “You really can’t

  1. It FEELS bigger than I thought too. Is that always the case? 🙂

    Saved by number 3 nephew who is coming to help out tomorrow. (george)


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