Welly for geeks and arty types

There’s an article in the weekend DomPost about “Silicon Welly”. The article is a little overblown about Welly’s geekness but there is perhaps also some truth to it.

There does seem to be a range of geeky web-type people here.

Wellington has changed a lot since I came here in the early 80s when Courtenay Place was a major attraction for me – Greek shops and restaurants and Dutch second hand shops. It was windy and tired and the wind always seemed to howl down Wakefield Street when I was waiting for a bus. I remember being embarrassed when a French friend came to visit and an Australian telling me that Wellington was the arsehole of the earth. I remember visiting the Wellington Opera and seeing ripped petticoats and slightly amateurish productions. Not so now. World class I’d say and the old St James theatre is now a fantastic venue. Macbeth last night was pretty cool.

Two years ago I attended the Cuba Street Carnival and was amazed at the large number of South Americans here now. I see intense characters talking about internet geek stuff and the cast and crew of Jackson’s films certainly enlivened the streets and still enliven the tango classes. At milonga there are frequent Visitors from Overseas and it’s a chance to practice Italian and basic Spanish.

Even Porirua has changed – a little livelier, less poor, better coffee.

And I dunno – seems to be less windy too.

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4 thoughts on “Welly for geeks and arty types

  1. Haha isn’t it youse? One of my students did ask once how we could tell if it was more than one person if we used ‘you’ not ‘yous’ ……I thought it was fair enough question actually


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