go traveller unto others boast

I always remembered this poem as ending in “Dunedin in the rain.” Something about “Go traveller unto others boast, of Auckland’s muggy heat…”.

Well, it was comforting to see Rabbie anyway, even if he was looking a bit tired and crowded out. The Octagon looked a bit tatty I thought and Moray Place less artycrafty. I did have a good chat about ‘(Wellington) old days’ with David of the gallery Quadrant and an excellent coffee atMazagran , a wine or two at Pequeno and breakfast at Nova then a wander through the Dunedin Public Art Gallery where the exhibition Beloved was showing some old favs. Notably Van Der Velden, Clairmont and Nerli with a surprising juxtaposition of Albrecht and Monet. My eye is still in shock. The pastels and ornate frame of the Monet beside the semi-spherical, brightly coloured Albrecht. Hmmmm. The anatomical art show upstairs was intriguingly gross but Nicola Jackson’s papier-mache and quotations ‘mural’ made me giggle. I was also drawn (for obvious reasons) to the collection of hip prostheses and thankful that my replacement was not done 20 years ago. Ow.

Everyone in Dunedin is chatty-including bar and gallery staff. It’s nice. If you have time.

The Hocken Library was looking classy and I enjoyed the ‘not the centenary exhibition’ of photographs from 1910 and Max Oettli’s 2010 scenes.

The cheese rolls I finally got to eat lived up to expectations and yep, it was bloody cold.
And I did find the house my grandparents used to live in and enjoyed a wee trip down the lane of memory around Frederick, Hyde and St David Streets. I also liked being able to look at my hometown with eyes that had seen doorways in Italy.

I was sure that poem ended “Dunedin in the rain”. Memory is a strange thing, eh. Now I’ll have to go looking.


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