old bill shakespeare

One of the things I keep realising as I get older is how good the ‘old’ poets and writers were. How perceptive they were about life, or perhaps it’s that life imitates art and art imitates life and it’s always been that way.

While my previous internet interlude reminded me of the brilliance of Oscar Wilde, and the first one took me into the minds of some interesting people in the Middle East, this latest one was definitely Shakespearean. It’s true that Bill himself probably got the story from elsewhere.

While ‘identity’ was an underlying theme, the major focii were trust, love and er sex. And although I’d be hard pressed to see myself as a shrew, it certainly felt as if I was being tamed and the world wide web was the stage on which this possible taming occurred.

Needless to say, we are over that now. But I do wonder at the way the internet, more than ‘real life’ seems to allow us to enact these well worn themes.

Better get on with my research about identity and self-presentation online, although I feel there is a PhD about identity, theatre and the worldwideweb lurking about somewhere.

I’m resisting that thought, however. Wonder what’s next on the playlist?


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