another indulgence

When I was first crippled there were some minor joys in my life. One of them was being able to get to the gym (people and exercise). Another was being able to walk from the gym to the mall where I was able to indulge myself with little presents from both Lush and Bendon.

Sadly, Bendon closed about 2 weeks ago and Lush will close this weekend. So I wandered along to buy some stock at half price.

I guess these two closures are a sign of the times-the recession which seems to have hit a little more than last year when we were told it was over. So, how come I know more unemployed people this year? Including the nice young women at Lush. Hope they find work. And when my stocks run out I’ll have to order online or go into the city for my shampoo, soap and presents. I guess the people I stayed with who received Lush thank-you gifts will now receive something from the $2.00 shops which seem to thrive out here.



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