the penny drops

Today was my fifth day, the one on which I don’t work, and I took myself along to the Wellington Film Festival to see two great movies. One was Joan Rivers A Piece of Work which was recommended to me by my brother. And it was good. A fabulous insight into a fabulous woman.

After lunch with a favourite niece I wandered along to the Embassy to watch Once Upon a Time In the West. It was a piece of nostalgia to sit in the front row of the Embassy, a joy to be at a movie on my day off and a wonder to watch this fabulous piece of movie-making. Lush scenery, fabulous photography that reminded me of Leon Narby’s work -especially Illustrious Energy. Also reminded me of Blood Feud with Sophia Loren and other lush Italian movies.

Close-ups of Charles Bronson’s face before he shoots Henry Fonda were gritty and real on the huge Embassy screen, and the photography was lush (oh I already said that) the story engrossing and the acting superb. The opening shot of men entering the train station was creepy and nerve wracking.

One of the greats that I have never seen before. Oh and penny dropping? Spaghetti western. Sigh. It takes some of us a wee while for the penny to drop.

And Wellington? Running into friends and acquaintances. It’s wonderful to love the city you live in.

Challenge: how many times has ‘lush ‘ been used in this post?


7 thoughts on “the penny drops

  1. Wait a minute. Once Upon a Time in the West is being shown on the big screen, in New Zealand, and I am absent? That’s… the cinema experience of my dreams. So glad you at least caught the fire before it escaped. I would throw a quote at you but I know the entire film by heart and one would never be enough…

    all right: “He’s away over there, whittlin’ on a piece of wood… and I figure, when he stops whittlin’, somethin’s gonna happen.”


  2. Yes that’s a great line Barns. I had never seen if before (see next posting). I know I overused ‘lush’ but it was. God I LOVED it. New all time fav movie!!!!! I loved the intro, the photography, the rugged masculinity (lol) of it all. “Don’t want no-one to see me die”. The ‘smoldering sexuality…..(lol). Woohoo we’ll have to have a OUITW party when you get back. Wonder if I can get it on Fatso?


      1. Purchased. Thanks heaps as we say in P town. Also noted High Noon there. Now that’s a great movie too. Sigh….


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