embassy: front row

Sitting in the front row of the refurbished Embassy made me remember the many many times I had sat there – front row centre – on seats saved especially for us by Jonathan. He liked to keep his friends close and the front row was always full. He also liked to insist that we see certain films “for our own good” and generally it was for our own good. I was exposed to many a fabulous film – too many to recall – but stand-outs would be The Passion of Joan of Arc and the movies of Tarkovsky, notably Andre Rublev. Of course Jonathan would want me to remember a New Zealand movie or two and I do note that his long-time friend Witarina will be at the Film Festival this year in Under the Southern Cross.

While many people have recalled Jonathan, notably his good friend Peter, I wanted to share that moment. Front row Embassy, Wellington. Many, many movies. Many, many kete and hui too.

A lot of insistence, a lot of love.

A couple of links: Merata Fiim Archive. Actually stand-out NZ movies? The archival shots and movies of Elsdon Best. Wonderful


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