birds on wires

Ahh Aaron.

While I’d like to write about the elections in the UK, the news about the online serial rapist in Auckland (constructed identities there) the new Sri Hvsetd book I am reading or the newly apprised tango tikanga the thing that’s in my mind is the odd behaviour of men. This excludes all nephews, 50 % of former lovers, close friends, husbands of friends and gay men.

Yes ok it’s the internet again. I remember when I was a teenager I used to think that men in NZ were damaged because of the war years. Then I met some great friends and some men with some damage. And now, through the internet, I have met some truly damaged men. Why is this? What’s wrong? Does the internet allow for us to connect in a deeper way so that they share stuff? I’m still exploring this and don’t know the answers and won’t go on. I have also made some good and funny friends. But weighing up? Odd behaviour.

The song? It reminds me of a fantastic concert I went to in the 1980s (we sang along with the Brothers in the hotel afterwards) and a trip I took with a former student who loved this song when I played it to him. Where is he now? Ah yes, inside for murder. Sigh.

Thank god for tango. Crippleness? We think the arthritis is returning. Better make lots of hay while the sun does its thing.


3 thoughts on “birds on wires

  1. All the various forms of internet communication simply make it a hell of a lot easier for people (not just men) who wouldn’t otherwise engage with other people to do so.

    Partly it’s the anonymity, partly it’s just that you don’t have a person directly in front of you, reacting to what you say and do.


  2. yeah I know….and I did say nephews excluded from my black look at life…sigh. btw want to be involved in our research?????? See previous postings…..


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