fellini and me

I have, you may have noticed, been on a little Fellini revisit. It’s the images that are so attractive, and while I cannot remember very much about Armacord and Satyricon (even though a judge at the Auckland One Act plays festival said I reminded hm of a Fellini woman) I have very clear pictures in my mind of the arrangement of people. I guess, though, that’s why La Dolca Vita is so powerful. That image of Anita Ekberg in the Trevi fountain is compelling. (You are spared another photo of me at the Trevi). One of the enduring images I have now is of Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg aged about 70 looking at old shots of the movie. (Those images can be found in Fellini’s Intervista).

However, yesterday I finally got to rewatch Juliet of the Spirits and while my mind wandered about a bit, the flashback images arrested my eyes.

It was an appropriate movie to watch at the end of a very very very weird day in which I: got a parking ticket, missed an appointment, had two cell phone misunderstandings, ran into someone I like but had not seen for a while, got backed into while I sat in my car having said cell phone discussion, lost my favourite earring (it fell off while on the phone then fell onto the road when I Ieapt out of the car), put a very nice Robyn Mathieson dress on lay-by, bought on impulse the new Siri Hustved book, broke the strap on my favourite bag, ran into a friend while I was phoning her to see if she was up for coffee, oh and probably something else too. The spirits were definitely with Juliet yesterday. While I was buying the book I was also able to chat with the fellow at Unity who got involved in my Oriana Fallaci conversations. (My friend ordered it for me in England, I read it in Amsterdam and had intense discussion about it in Italy).

So it was good to shut the door, drink that very nice Sicilian wine (Nero d’Avola) and watch il maestro. Somehow he puts it all into perspective. ……….


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