I’m a union girl and that’s ok

It’s been a bit of a week or two and I wanted to put in a plug for unions. I have been for sometime a member of the ASTE union which has now become TEU Tertiary Education Union. In the past this union has helped me out with various redundancy issues and this last week they came to my aid again.

It was great to have the union rep beside me in a meeting and to have the emotionally detached advice.

I think that in this current climate where there’s a lurch again to the right and awful reminiscences of the early 1990s (is that Ruth Richardson’s voice we hear in Paula Bennett) we’d all be wise to resume our collective activity and hold fast to our rights which I feel being pulled from under us……..and so good luck to colleagues in the MECA agreement, who for over a year now have been fighting the powers that be for better conditions.

And thanks Phil and TEU.


4 thoughts on “I’m a union girl and that’s ok

  1. Good to have the support of collectivity those who know the rules when you need it. Yes it is a tough time for workers to believe in their rights at this time.


  2. Paula Yates? Do you mean Paula Bennett? Or maybe you need to educate me.

    Fantastic spelling and punctuation in this entry . . .


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