the Italian connection

I wanted to share this story because it’s a great one about connections over the decades.

Frank Bowes was killed in Italy during the war, as he fought alongside the partisans who looked after him when he escaped from prison camp.

Over the years his son and my friend John and his wife Clare (and indeed the whole family), have had connections with Italy, visiting and communicating with the family of Frank’s protectors and fellow partisans.

Last year a group of school children from Mosso, the town in which Frank was killed, visited John and Clare in their New Zealand property because they were doing a film about Frank Bowes.

It was all terribly exciting and a warm meeting of the minds. The film has been shown, I gather, at a festival in Turin and now John and Clare are invited by the school to visit the area for April 25th – which is the day that Italians commemorate the Second World War – the same as NZ.

They’ll stay in a village called Masserano and attend the local events.

It’s such a good story – and also one about a school that is inventive and outward looking, that takes children on visits and helps them explore the world in a real way.

I think there’s more to this story too.


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