think global act local think local act global

We all desire (don’t we?) to belong to a community. And the good thing is we can, as they say, think globally and live locally.

It’s great to be able to hop out for a coffee, solve a potential drama between us locals and the tangata whenua, smooth over a hurt two friends had endured, know that the guy in the coffee shop knows your coffee, find out where your tenant is (Rarotonga) and invite the locals along to the BIG festival day your community is planning, then hop down to the local beach for a samba or two.

Meanwhile, you talk to a friend in Belgium, brush up on the future tenses in Italian, watch someone in Venice tango and share a musical bit of humour with with others and “travel” around the world catching up with friends. AND share it with friends in the UK, Auckland and India, Hamilton and Timor Leste.

It is, you have to say, pretty amazing.


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