the seductive nature of eggplants

For the second or third or fourth week in a row I may be forced to ditch the eggplant. It’s annoying. I adore the colour and even the texture of these vegetables and fondly imagine the various dishes I’ll create. But they sit in the ‘fridge or on the kitchen bench and get moved about and put in other new places until finally, in despair, I biff them out.

Clearly I need to resist temptation or be more proactive in the kitchen.

I figure, like me, you are able to use Google. But if anyone makes these dishes, let me know. Especially if you live near, in, or are visiting Wellington.

Swordfish and caponata di melanzanes

Melanzane al funghetto

Urban dictionary

Melanzane ripiene

Lamb with aubergines and tzatziki


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