dancing cripple

In a small community the closure of one of the three gyms has quite an effect. Especially if like me you are a bit, or have been, crippled. A gym can become the centre of one’s social connections as well as a way to deal with the crippledness.

The gym we were ‘sent to’ was not so fantastic and while I tried to persevere it just wasn’t working so I moved and have a new personal trainer whose main task seems to be to make me walk like a real person (some of the activities involve boxing!!). That, coupled with the tango classes I have joined, has made a huge improvement in my walking (and I hope my dancing). It also opens the door to new musical experiences.

It’s a real thrill now to be able to wear high heels and to totter around the dance floor, albeit not so gracefully, but with some feeling of style. Style, after all, is all. And it’s good to realise that, while we don’t want to be too pollyanna-ish about all this, when one door closes another one…well it slides ever so slightly open.

Alas, this is not me. But it’s a good clip!!!! And maybe one day….

More dancing cripples


2 thoughts on “dancing cripple

  1. For those people that know and love this lady and for those who don’t believe me if you have the grit and determination shown by this amazing person she will succeed. Truly inspirational. X


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