no muse today

I’ve been musing on this one for a week or so. Relevant images are copyrighted. Sigh.

We were all deeply interested to see the photo of Willie Apiata on our front pages last week. Not only was it a surprise to see our shy, self effacing VC man looking rugged and sexy, it was a bit of a surprise to learn that he and the SAS were in Afghanistan. I guess it shows how naive we are and how much we believe the “Kiwis are there to keep the peace” rhetoric.

PM John Key says they were not involved in any killing and were there to help the Afghani forces. Ok I believe that – sort of. But to think that ‘our’ troops are not involved in any action at all is truly naive.

And on a similar note: I have been interested in the reports coming out of Britain about Iraq. This in the papers here last week.

Sounds like 1984. Winston, where are you?


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