Reading and Art: Obsessive Compulsion

It was interesting to visit the NewDowse and to see the work of Cao Fei.

It prompted me to revisit Second Life and the rmb city he shows in his work. To be honest the video was more entertaining than flying around Second Life -which I can find a bit tedious. I did, however like the video about dancers in a factory very much. Images that stay on the retina. It reminded me a little of a local Second Life production by Mike Baker that features the Wellington Railway Station and some dancers. I find this Second Life dance very moving, ethereal and a little compulsive.

Speaking of compulsive, Yayoi Kasama‘s exhibition at the City Art Gallery is amazing. It’s fun, spotty and, well, compulsive.

At the same time I was reading a very good book by Orhan Pamuk called the Museum of Innocence . It’s about obsessive compulsion in regard to a woman the main character falls in love with……and museums. Very good but that was enough of obsessive compulsion for a while.


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