20 Years Since

Fiona Clark Billboard
It’s hard to believe that it’s 20 years since we all ‘celebrated’ the 150 years of the Treaty.

Twenty years since we looked forward with hope to the future. So, what has changed?

There are more Maori with PhDs, ( I could only find this link), more Maori in professions, a Maori TV channel and a few more settlements but……OK Ngai Tahu have a sound economic base and Tainui seem to have found their feet. But……statistics for jails, court appearances are no better and sadly Maori still feature in the child beating statistics. To me this indicates poverty, alienation and poor self perception.

So, really, has it got better?

There’s a sense that Maori have taken greater charge of their own development, which is good.
I guess if we are considering Tino Rangatiratanga we might judge that there’s more of that then. Very good.

So, what do we each do, as individuals to make it better?


2 thoughts on “20 Years Since

  1. Really! It’s hard to believe it was 20 years ago! 20 years since I was in India then too as I ‘celebrated’ at the Indian High Commissioner’s in New Delhi…ah time flies when you’re having…something. What is that thing we have?


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