I celebrated the two years since my operation (the one that stopped the excruciating pain but caused me to become a cripple) by going to the Wailers concert in Porirua and taking the cripple sign off the back of my car.

It’s also one year since I drove again (using my left foot).

The concert was fun. Hikoikoi, the local Petone group, were a wee bit off key perhaps? but sweet and Katchafire were all professional sound with a great saxophonist. It was good to know most of the songs and they got the place rocking, er…….. moving.

The Wailers were pretty cool: a young woman (can’t find her name) was all energy but her version of Turn the lights down low…lacked something. Perhaps it was that sultry tone in Marley’s voice. The encores Buffalo Soldier and Exodus were good final songs.

The crowd was a mixture of ages and colour, with a tendency to be brown and have dreads. Nice mellow atmosphere and even a chance for a bit of a dance. Everyone knew all the words to all the songs, so we sang along too.

It was also the celebration of the opening last year of Porirua’s Te Rauparaha arena.

It’s been, as they say, a wee journey.

I guess it’s been a wee journey for the Wailers too.


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