Von Tempsky’s in the garden


Von Tempsky and the man the creator of this piece (Frank Thwaites?) calls Rewi but I reckon must be Titokowaru is in the garden, so it must be getting close to summer.

The weather has been appalling and I won’t dwell on it except to say it made coming home bloody difficult. But now the tomatoes are in (did I plant enough to get eating ones and relish ones?) the eggplants and courgettes are in (aha melanzanes dishes coming up) and at last I started pulling out the puha that infested the garden.

So, now it’s time to think about swanning around in the Cooks, planning for the Wellington Arts Festival, possible Opera at Verona, teaching in Greece, dancing in Brisbane, NZ National Opera and oh yes, all those significant birthdays. 1950 and 1960 certainly were years for producing some outstanding people.

OK…………better get some rest in.

I note that there have been several searches and links to being a cripple…does that mean I should expand on that theme then?????


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