One more food item

Today I ate the perfect lunch of fresh asparagus, toast, halva and Greek coffee.

Last night I gave a friend some halva and she declared it “interesting” which I interpreted to mean “weird”. I was, frankly, shocked that someone I knew did not know what halva was.

So, in case she reads this, here we go.

Firstly, the picture. It’s a photo of one of the tins of halva I carried back from Greece and may explain why my neck is so sore. Yes, you can get halva in Aotearoa but…why make life easy? And cut the romance of it all. And yes the image is a little blurry.


I have had two types of halva: the sort made in India from semolina which is nice in its own way but kind of doughy I feel, and the sort I have bought in Greece and which I am sure is found elsewhere. It’s made of tahini and mixed with honey and or sugar.

While the taste may be similar to that of Indian halva, it’s the consistency that is so fine.

I had the best opportunities to buy the greatest varieties of halva during Greek Orthodox lent as it was used as a kind of non-dairy treat and obvious food supplement.

It’s a great food. Any other comments here about halva? Feedback and additions gratefully accepted.

And here’s a good link: Sesame Halva


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