Every day in every way

it’s getting better.

While Italy was great and the art fantastic and everything else just wonderful. Truly. My heart is in Greece and I am quietly delirious to be here. Today I wandered and found this fantastic alternative shop where the fabulous guys (a bit alternative sexually too) gave me a book of poems and sold me a one-off t shirt and talked about life and stuff and…sigh. I introduced them to Antony Hegarty. Fair exchange.

Athens is more alternative, less conservative. I have bought the cds I wanted, climbed to the Acropolis, which to be honest nearly undid me. I chose today to go. There were six tourist ships in and their contents were all at the A!!!!!. The marble steps are treachorous and thank god for the kindness of Canadians and Americans who offered me arms. The Italians of course were the ones pushing me out of the way.

Italy was great and I made two very good friends. I loved the food, the language, the art, the landscapes and the wine……

But Greece. Ah Greece. Quiet polite people, who appreciate my attempts to speak Greek. The food is my kind of food, the coffee my kind of coffee. The people are my kind of people.

There you go.


Better have a nap so I can go on the town tonight. Rembetika night.

Yiasas….sto kalo and all that.


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