Thats Vesuvius out the window

I am still having some troubles with keyboards and punctuation marks as well as finding the best way to upload and save images since I can no longer remember my Flickr password.

So heres one at the Trevi fountain …….one of many images and many tourists.


Images are: safe walking in Rome, walking for miles, finding great food in out of the way places, small but perfectly formed and handsome men, the local cafe where de solito I had croissant and caffe latte and laughed at the amusing waitress.

BIG buildings, streets and everything mixed up renaisance, baroque and roman.

The trip south today: the fabulous man nearby with long hair, a leather hat, earrings, medallions and full moustache. Hehe. Pleasant people and dry southern land not unlike Greece. Naples of course is more like Athens than Rome and yep thats Vesuvius out the window and yes those waiters really are preening themselves for my benefit and humming along to Neopolitan songs from the 1950s.

Molto bello


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