More help for the recession

Hmmmm it’s a cripple thing. I like Kathmandu as a shop and I like their trousers a lot but their changing rooms are dire for a semi cripple. It would be really helpful if they could provide a chair/stool for those of us with limited mobility. While I know they cater for the fit, the able and the outdoorsey some of us like their trousers for the fit and style so getting in and out of them in those small changing rooms with no chair/stool is very hard. You’d think they’d be a little more concerned about the disabled fit person….And no I didn’t buy the trousers in the end – too hard, too expensive and perhaps in the end I didn’t need them.

So Italy continues with another visit to the wonderful Unity Books in Welly with an excellent selection of books for the ‘plane and a further conversation about Oriana. Marion led me to the right books and made excellent suggestions. The ‘plane reading? Calvino, Baricco and oops a book I realise I did not pick up damn. Ah well. It was about the future and storytelling. Ah well. These three look good. I passed on salmon fishing in the Yemen which had been suggested to me.

And movies? Youssou Ndour is very good and Sophia, her life story even more satisfying.
Sophia Loren

My god driving around Pauatahanui last night through rain, floods, water, wind was scary but the car did not aquaplane, the brakes worked and the water, despite being over the door jamb, did not penetrate the car floorboards. Scary though, and I must have got through just before the road was closed.

Actually all roads into Welly were closed last night…..Phew.


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