Oriana, good service and musings

Today I began two related tasks: looking for the book to read on the ‘plane and remembering Oriana Fallaci.
oriana fallaci - sigaretta

It’s a while since I read her and did not know she had died in 2006, of breast cancer (she was a committed smoker, a little, perhaps, like my friend Meg who died in 2007). I first read A man about Aleko Panagoulis, a resistance fighter against the junta in Greece. I also recall reading Letter to a child never born and Interview with history. Thereafter some news items, essays (in Vanity Fair perhaps?) and then, well, just losing touch with her life. So it was interesting to catch up and if anyone had any recommendations I’d be grateful. I’m thinking of trying to get I’ll die standing on my feet partly, alas, because it’s paperback and seems to be a biography. But. Options considered.

As part of this exploration I called the fabulous Unity Books, where Toby failed to flinch when I asked about Oriana. This is important because when I wander into other bookshops (mostly those local and of a national brand persuasion) I am always asked how to spell the author I am seeking, and generally have to help out with spelling the title. Especially if there’s a Maori name involved. So, not only did young T know who I meant, he also knew that they did not have any of her books in stock. He took my details and called me back in 10 minutes with the addy of the website on which I could find them, information that they were, as he has suggested when I spoke with him previously, in hardback and suggested that I order the books from Fishpond since he could not guarantee that if I ordered them through Unity they’d reach me in time for my flight.

When I was incarcerated I used to send a cheque, my Unity card and the latest request and they’d sign my card, write the correct amount on the cheque and send me the books. Great service. Thanks Unity Wellington.

And as part of wandering about the internet I found this:TruthDig.

And perhaps there’s another posting about men who were abused in the Epuni Boy’s home and the horror of their lives (TV1 last night).


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