The week that was

For Wellingtonians Seddon Bennington’s death was the big shock.

The loong winter and the dreaded grey skies have also affected us but the Film Festival of course cheers us all up. So far I have only seen An Education which I enjoyed – an interesting story about a favourite: false and muddled identities. I was sorry to miss Baader Meinhoff but, ah well, I’ll get to it via dvd I hope.

For others this has cheered them.

Two fine friends recently visited Samoa to escape the winter and had a great time. Very well chosen post card. Thanks!!!! And on that theme I went to hear Aviale Cole (whose website I can’t find) sing opera classics and Ella. Very good.

And now? The Millionairess with Sophia and Peter Sellers. The famous song “oh Doctor I’m in trouble” is based on this story. It’s not doing much for my Italian conversation but it’s wonderful to see Sellers in one of his classic roles.

Ah and even better? Today the sun shone, the sea glistened and the wind chill was a little reduced.



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