Doing my bit for the recession

Hmmmm today I visited DressMart looking for pressies to take overseas. It’s a godawful place – reduced items, people trawling for bargins, everything looks dull, cheap, black or grey and well, tatty. The malls (local) are slightly better but still full of sales and stuff that people just don’t want.

Why do we do this and why did I buy that jacket that I didn’t love but thought could be useful? Hmm another item for the cupboard? And did I really need those Icebreaker socks? And do the people I’ll visit in Europe really want the small tokens I’ll bring them?

My god we are programmed to shop.

So, what did the G8 summit decide I want to know? Not much in our news items but it sounded suitably low key. He’s clever that Belsesconi but I can’t find easily what happened. Ah well.

And Mc Namara’s death prompted me to remember the Vietnam War and his role in it. I did not know about his World Bank role and the ways he tried to target funds towards poverty reduction. Hmmm it didn’t quite seem to work, especially since the G8 (soon to be G14) say that there are 1.02 billion malnourished people in the world. But hey…

And personal notes: garden looks wintry but tidy. And foot? Well, the foot.


Oh and exploring P J Harvey hmmm interesting I think. Explored mostly because of Nick Cave’s relationship with her.


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