Winter days

The city was full of tourists today, some indeed speaking French. Am I going to the game? Hell no?

I’m sitting at home watching (for the second time) a great little DVD called Boccaccio-70. A collection of vignettes really in the shape of the Decameron. Directors Monicelli, Fellini, Visconti and De Sica get together to produce each “act”. Fellini’s The Temptation of Doctor Antonio is priceless. And stars Anita Ekberg, last viewed in Intervista as an older woman flirting with Mastrioni and watching herself in La Dolce Vita in the fountain. And de Sica’s La Riffa is superb starring the fabulous Sophia. Ah molto bene.

Note to self: stand in fountain. Yeah right.
Note to self: find handsome man to kiss in fountain.
Note to self: be careful of the thieves, pickpockets and provoloni near the fountain.

Otherwise, winter is here in full force and although the hills look grand, it’s cold and everyone I know seems to be off to Aututaki, Tonga or Samoa. Why is that?

Ah well there’s the film fest to help us through it all.

And the foot? Better and stronger.


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