Old stuff

It was grand last weekend to have some of the “neices and nephew” (plus Judy) over for lunch (photos on Facebook). And grand to see their children. It was a good day and I am pleased that I have contact with these people. Especially since I knew them in the ’70s, when so many of the good and solid relationships I still have were made.

Friend Gaz brought along this photo taken circa 1973????? new Dunedin. I thought I’d put it up because I have been thinking today about the way I am currently living in the future – planning the trip to Europe. I thought, in passing, as you do, of the book we used to read in the ’70s, called “Be Here Now” by a Timothy Leary associate (accolite?) called Baba Ram Das. I believe this was not his real name.

We used to devour this book fervently as we tried to work out how to live. A copy can be viewed at a Waterview residence!!

Did we work out how to live? Why in your twenties is it such an issue? I guess ‘cos you have no roadmap yet (oops no I am not about the metaphorise about journeys). Sometimes I think we wasted so much time trying to work out how to ‘be’ that we lived in our heads. It’s a relief then to know that we do get over that phase. But living in the future? Hmmm it has it’s allure…. especially now when it is cold and damp and wintry.

There are hotels and trains to book and connections to be made.

Health note: walking without orthotic is going along very nicely.


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