Now it’s just banal


I know this is reaching a level of banality but ah well.

Art hints: read this book


Sorry it’s sideways.

Watch: Merchant of Venice Al is fantastic. OK it’s 2004. And the Marianne Faithfull story. Fabulous.

Weather wise: pale blue sky, orange sunset, white snow, silver sea. Mmmmmmm fabulous.

Reading: Great thesis by a very clever man called Marcelo Vieta: Interactions though the screen: the interactional self as a theory for internet mediated communication. Damn’d fine piece of work!

Writing: about learning environments and identity on the internet. Er and other literary activities.

Dancing: the ura and the samba can be done by cripples.

Walking: more and more without orthotic and wearing read Ecco shoes.

Planning: Rendevous in Italy. mmmmmm

Thinking about: recession, National government, poverty, the return of the nineties (aaargh) , highways in Waterview, identity, walking in red shoes. Oh and ex-partners who are, well, idiotic. And Stupid.

And sorry: it’s banal.


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