Smlogging and the community

Alan Levine’s post about how people are blogging less and twittering more made me think it was time to do this post.

While I have been indulging more, and more so now that winter is upon us (aieeeeee), I have been involved a little in some community action stuff.

Last year a group of us stood outside the local Shell Service Station and had our photo taken for the local rag, Kapi Mana.


Why? Well because when cars turn out of the service station into Mungavin Ave it causes chaos and there is the potential for a BIG accident. We talked with the council and the Shell people and we have come to a kind of solution: Council will provide some signage, Shell will put it on their advertising boards and we will keep talking to Council about some roading changes. It’s taken a while and while perhaps it’s not the restrictive changes we’d like, it is a start and I have to say Shell have been great since they don’t have to do anything else legally.

We are also trying to get some changes made to the Village structure via the Porirua City Council Village Plan and several locals have been out delivering surveys and being proactive. So it’s good.

Now? Cold, fires, red wine and haloumi cheese, which I think should be a prescription medicine and therefore free. Research on learning environments and distributed identities ensue too.

For those returning: it’s freezing cold, stormy and, well, wintry.


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