A bit of a roundup


Several activities have related to autumnal food….making quince conserve and getting in the olives with the help of the lovely George.

The foot has also been problematic so it seemed timely to return to that theme.

It has now been agreed that the problem is ‘lifelong’ and although there were tears on this pronouncement (er that’s mine) the lovely personal trainers (aka my saviours) say this is tosh and we will overcome this and I have to say the foot is stronger and the hips much more supple ( 🙂 ). I am now toting weights I would never dreamed of being able to lift before and walking much better without the orthotic. So…..maybe I can tango in Italy after all. Learning the samba was fun – doing a flat footed dance is a gift for someone like me. And even though in the ura the hips go the other way…it was still pretty cool to be able to DANCE!

So the latest is to wear these shoes around the house.


And to stop being obsessed with Leonard Cohen’s Alexandra Leaving“Suddenly the night has grown colder, the god of love is preparing to depart, Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder, caught between the sentries of the heart”. Sounds like the story of my life.

Otherwise it’s cold and then warm and stormy….


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