Pomegranate soup

While it’s the title of a book I enjoyed it’s also the next thing to embark on and an excuse to take a photo of these great fruit.


I think I’ll try to follow the Tess Mallos recipe – maybe. It has a few ingredients that may be too hard to get. Perhaps I’ll just admire them and eat with rice and sugar.

Along with the pomegranates came a load of quinces….and that is a more possible recipe. Eight quinces, a 6 pints of water and 6 lbs of sugar….(yes it’s one of those passed on recipes, thanks Estelle). Tess Mallos does give a couple of good kythoni recipes though…..one looks possible: 1kg of quinces, 4 cups water, granulated sugar, 2 tspoons lemon juice, 2 rose geranium leaves with lots of washing, pouring and measuring. Susie Jacobs does a similar recipe with pears and quince…..

Maybe I just love the luxury of the fruit although I have made quince conserve before. So ya never know.

Must class as another indulgence.


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