A bit of an indulgence


You could say this is a bit of fiddling around while Raumati burns, if you see what I mean, and we ignore the fact that I am a month off the prescribed time for total return to action/fitness or even walking in a straight line, but I was tickled to see this line up on my bathroom ledge and it reminded me of a few things.

Mostly how conservative I am about smells and what good friends I have (again). I was first given a bottle of Parure when I was about 25 and fell in love with the smell and the brand. And while I wandered into Channel No 5 (as every woman probably does) and Ysatis I am pretty much a Guerlain girl. I loved Chamade in my forties and now Samsara is the one (although Mitsouko is pretty wonderful if hard to get in New Zealand) for me.

I bought the small bottle a year or two ago as part of a ‘sampler’, the middle sized one for my last birthday and a friend from Oz just brought in the large bottle. They are a bit like Russian dolls and made me smile.

And no I don’t want to think about recessions, Tony Veitch, drunken angels, the foot or much else to tell you the truth.

Indulgence is all right now and I am enjoying Mamaku Project that a friend sent me for birthday….and no I didn’t really enjoy the Lucinda concert: too loud, too much wailing and too, well just too….harsh. I’m with Simon’sblurt on this.

And in anticipation of Italy am feasting on Italian dvds. Last night watched a 1978 Lina Wertmuller (omg check out her real name!) one starring Sophia with heavy eye make. It was called Blood Feud and lots of people got killed. Also recaught Fellini’s Roma (why do we always say that “Fellini’s Roma”) and am waiting to catch 8 1/2 soon.

Indulgence is all.

And this update a year later:


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