Frankly speaking

It was an emotionally turbulent week with one or two highlights.

One of them being another pc from friend Frank, who regularly sends these. Sometimes they are funny, oftentimes they are cryptic and they always make me smile.

Frank is a an artist with a keen mind and a keen sense of social justice. So I wanted to share these and yes I’ll ask him about sharing more. I ‘d love to do an exhibition sometime of his artwork, especially his postcards.

Another highlight was getting to hear Hannah play at the Aunt Daisy’s Boatshed at the “Bay. It was a pleasant night with good friends and good music. Hannah is coming to Auckland and Raglan so keep an eye out for her tour dates. And buy her CD called Candy.


Another was a conversation about collaboration, Second Life, dance and communication. More perhaps about that later. Other treats were lovely conversations both virtual and face to face and the prospect of overseas visitors bringing in the favourite perfume. 🙂

The lows in the turbulence? Greece not accepting my credit card but Italy doing so. Damn. Driving to work in the dark….thank god for daylight saving. Not saving enough money fast enough, and needing Easter to come along soon so I can rest!!!!!


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