Well, that was interesting


OK, like call centres I guess this one had to happen too. Having been incarcerated more or less for a year I decided I needed some, well, more human contact, so I joined another social networking site.

Past experience tells me I have a high tolerance for ambiguity – indeed my favourite singer is a man who at times seems to be a woman – and of course, like Shakespeare and every writer of farce known to mankind, I love the idea of muddled identities. Exploring others’ views and that fabulous moment when you gain insight into how others shape their world still excites me. But.

I thought I had got quite clever at detecting who was who.

And that took me to some interesting places. My god, there are corners of the internet you wouldn’t want to visit even on a clear night with a good torch.

So, I think we are now at the end of that little episode.

“So how can people with different world views communicate? From a radical constructivist perspective, communication need not involve identically shared meanings between participants. It is sufficient for their meanings to be compatible (Hardy and Taylor, 1997). If neither of the parties does anything completely unexpected to the other, then their illusions of identically shared meaning are maintained (von Glasersfeld, 1990).” Dougiamus


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