sunsetI love autumn as much as I love summer…the garden is full of tomatoes, apples and the favourite black peaches…. peach3

Today’s wet and autumnal day is perfect for making apple sauce and tomato relish. I seem to have been overenthusiastic about the tomatoes this year and am planning the Edmond’s relish recipe that my mother Eileen used. I did try it last week and the result can only be described as execrable – overdid the salt. So today it’s off to the library for more recipes and another ‘go’. May still revert to Edmond’s. Perhaps Kapaikai can help out? The apples are ready for picking and have made one batch of apple sauce to go with winter pork.

The black peaches (see above) are delicious and I’m pleased to see that spraying them regularly with copper solution certainly helped with more fruit, more leaves and less leaf curl. Last year I had a measly three (all of which were eaten by someone, not me) and this year I’ve had about 20.
The one I ate this morning was black and lush – this one is a little underdone yet…but still good!

Ah it’s good to be home. It’s good to get into the garden. And of course to keep me in the kitchen mood…..Leonard, Antony (of course) and a selection of Neopolitan songs a good and dear friend sent me. Ciao bella


2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Well, Edmond’s is always my first port of call. Came across a Martin Bosley recipe for tomato sugo the other day, though, that might be handy. A sauce rather than a relish. Put 4 Tbsp chopped garlic and 120 ml olive oil in a deep pot, cook over medium heat till garlic begins to turn golden-brown. Add 1 kg skinned, chopped tomatoes, cook for 20 mins., breaking toms as tghey cook. Reduce till thick, season. Use immediately, put in fridge for up to 7 days, or freeze.


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