Some good some bad….

Cuba Street, 2009
Cuba Street, 2009

It was grand to get to the Carnival this year…even if I missed the big event. Lovely Welly day ..everyone out enjoying themselves. Good music, good sunshine, good food. Good Wellingtonians.

However, I’ve been having some bureacratic troubles of late involving yes….it has to come. Call centres.

The first involved needing to get some advice from a call centre related to my bank….and yes I have let the bank know. When you hear an accent (from the Indian subcontinent perhaps?) and the nice young woman clearly isn’t sure where your city is….you get worried. And yes, the advice was wrong so the poor women in the main branch in town got, I’m afraid, an earful. However, I have to say that the lovely people at the New Zealand Embassies/Consulates in Japan and Korea were helpful, pleasant and generally wonderful. (Don’t ask).

The second involved my poor wee Mac which has not been behaving as it should. I’m pleased that the Apple Mac support site has information in plain English so that I was able to identify a way (perhaps not the best way, but a way. Have you ever tried to get support from a Microsoft site????) to at least find out what the problem might be. Of course when I solved that one I changed the settings so needed to call my ISP provider. Those of you who recall my problems with my last ISP provider (Telstra Clear actually) may shudder. This one only needed 2 calls, as opposed to the 20 plus last time. The problem was that the first young man I spoke with ( South East Asian accent with a touch of the USA) had me linking to the laptop, shoving cords in and out and failed to listen to my request to provide me with the settings. He concluded our ‘conversation’ with advice to get the Mac checked. So armed with the case number and resolve, I called again. Another Sth East Asian accent (this is important ‘cos we aren’t sure where these people are and whether or not they understand the culture). I worry that call centre staff see my account and my age and gender and make assumptions. This one at least listened to me and yes, indeedy I had changed the settings. Five minutes later, settings secured, I completed the call and answered the 2 minute questionnaire on the success of my call.

Mac happier, yes will get it checked and at least I can now write blog posts and send and receive mail!

Must be time for another glass of wine.

As an aside, I watched again Desperate remedies, from circa 1990, by Peter Wells and Stuart Main. It’s still fun, the frocks are still gorgeous and Cliff and Kevin still look good. As of course does Jennifer. Worth another look.


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