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Mana Island
Mana Island

This of course is the lovely Mana Island which was shining in the sun on Saturday when I ventured for a swim in the sea at the lovely Titahi Bay. It was ‘all good’ although cripplewise a bit fraught due to the large numbers of children on bodyboards. I was not certain that I was nimble enough to escape them. But cripple wise – not too bad.

There have been two themes developing as I drive, both of them recurring.

The theme of dependence and independence keeps coming back to me. Before Xmas I was trying to make a lunch date with fellow cripple. It became fraught as we struggled to fit ourselves in between appointments and caregivers. And there were a few conversations over Xmas on this theme. For people in the health system (and it’s worse I suspect for those in the mental health system) there’s that reliance on caregivers and the slow taking over of independence as we rely on our physios, surgeons, chiropractors, ACC caseworkers and the plethora of health workers. It’s fantastic that they are there but it can take over your life……and I’m sure there becomes a time when it is your life. Which leads me to the gratitude I feel in being able to drive. Singing to yourself in your own car is a valuable and important aspect of modern life. It helps you stay connected to your community too (as long as you keep the windows shut when you sing).

And the twin theme is that of being over connected. I recently started playing with Yahoo and some social networking sites and have been amazed at how readily I can find people, how readily the net can search for possible friends and how over in-touch we can all be. It’s fun to play, and certainly provides an opportunity for contact with acquaintances but…It also makes me think about my work, and how slow educational institutions are at keeping up with these networking opportunities.

Dave Pollard will have discussed this topic (connectedness) I’m sure and my blogbrowse found this about neediness. I’m not sure that I am saying we are all needy, as I think this social networking lark is about playing as adults, and that’s always fun. It’s good to feel we can play verbally and visually, and Facebook has provided a way to stay in touch. I was more alarmed at the speed with which I could find people, and that people I might wish to know were suggested to me on Yahoo.

Maybe this theme needs more thought. I like being connected, and as a recently incarcerated cripple the net was a blessing. And still is. This theme connects with that of multiple identities and who we are.

I think I need to explore this more…..

Oh and….in case anyone thinks I am just a little over enthusiastic, here’s a mixed review of The Crying Light.

Oh, and yes my Samoan brother, let’s try again for that lunch date.


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