Oh Happy Day

I have to do another here, for today is the inauguration of the new prez as well the day after the lovely Leonard Cohen concert.

Driving to work today I almost had to pull over to wipe away the tears. The rest of the world is saying enough about Obama, so I won’t. But. Oh happy day!

And Lenny! The Dom Post reviewer (Simon Sweetman) says it was the best concert he’s ever been to. This link takes you to Democracy which of course he played.

He was charming, funny, self deprecating, ironic, gentlemanly, sweetly sexual, warm, energetic, loving……his backing band was fabulous…very tight and produced a wonderful sound. The audience of mostly baby boomers was appreciative and enthusiastic. I thought our Sam looked ungainly and boorish beside the lovely Lenny but well he did ok. My faves? Famous Blue Raincoat, Bugis Street (sung by his collaborator Sharon Robinson) I’m Your Man, Suzanne, This Waltz, A Thousand Kisses Deep (surely directed at Sarndra) ah bugger it – everything was wonderful. The five encores and the final farewell…..breathtaking.

Thanks so much Leonard – it was a dream and you treated us so well.

So – a new prez and a pre baby boomer sounding fabulous, skipping friskily and being, well, just plain sexy.

Oh happy dayay!
And here’s a grand vid of the lovely Antony singing the lovely Leonard


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