Xmas in Auckland


While Welly may have been dry and sunny Auckland is…wet and not so sunny. It’s a good chance to see movies like Waltz with Bashir which I’d heartily recommend. It’s the not so well known story of the Shatila and Sabra massacre. It’s heartening to see that many Israelis participated in the movie’s production. And disheartening to see that the Israelis think it necessary to bomb Gaza again. We’ll be there for the protest today outside the American consulate. Benjamin Button btw is a better movie than you’d think from the shorts and I’d say “Yeah go and see it”. The Visitor is another movie I’d strongly recommend. Theme is displaced people and the terror of the US of A’s post-twin-towers homeland policy. The more I read/know/understand about the Middle East the more frustrated I feel about the West’s role there.

I had a great time at the Auckland City Art Gallery (once I’d mastered all the steps and the scary escalator). The Enchanted Garden exhibition is well worth a meander – even if it’s only to see some old favs and the sound/visual sculpture where dripping stones fall onto bamboo and metal. It’s a very well constructed and easy to ‘read’ exhibition, I think.

It was good to see Touch Compass on the tele (that’s the cripple theme). They are a company that includes people with disabilities and they dance, creating striking images and shapes.

Oh and of course staying with whanau and seeing whriends…..always good at this time of year.



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